Fashion Jewelry: How to Familiarize Yourself with It

Fashion Jewelry:  How to Familiarize Yourself with It

Are interested in updating your appearance, fashion wise? If you are, your first thought may be to buy a new wardrobe. While new clothes are a great way to update your fashion appearance, did you know that clothes are not all that fashion includes? Fashion also includes fashion accessories, like jewelry. If you are looking for a relatively easy and affordable way to update your fashion, you may want to think about buying new fashion jewelry. When it comes to buying fashion jewelry, there are many individuals who wonder what is the best way to go about researching fashion jewelry, particularly the “hottest,” jewelry trends at the moment. In all honesty, there are an unlimited number of different ways that you can go about doing so. A few of those ways are briefly touched on below. One of the easiest ways that you can go about familiarizing yourself with the latest in fashion jewelry trends is by turning to the internet. Online, you can find a large number of online fashion websites. Many of these websites offer fashion tips, as well as cover some of the latest fashion trends in jewelry, as well as other fashion accessories. If you are looking to not just own any piece of fashion jewelry, but the latest piece of jewelry to hit the stores and make a splash, online fashion magazines are the best way to go. In keeping with fashion magazines, you can also learn about the latest in fashion jewelry by buying printed fashion magazines. Many individual, possibly just like you, prefer buying printed fashion magazines, as opposed to reading online fashion magazines. It is hard to explain, but some people just prefer seeing things in print. The only downsides to buying fashion magazines to learn more about fashion jewelry is the cost of doing so. While affordable priced, fashion magazines can get expensive overtime and they may not necessarily cover fashion jewelry; therefore, you may want to skim through any magazines that you want to buy. Another easy way that you can go about familiarizing yourself with popular fashion jewelry pieces and styles is by going shopping. Window shopping is a great way to learn about new, popular pieces of fashion jewelry or fashion jewelry sets. If you are shopping in a storefront retail location, you will likely find the popular fashion pieces, including fashion jewelry, displayed in the window of a fashion store or positioned on an elaborate display. In addition to traditional window shopping, you may want to think about trying to shop or at least examine fashion jewelry pieces online. You may want to visit the online website of a popular fashion store or a well-known jewelry store. One of the biggest signs that a piece of fashion jewelry is popular or in style at the moment is if it is displayed on the front page of an online retailer’s website. This is a great way to quickly find information on what is hot and what may not be so hot in the world of fashion jewelry. As you can see, you have a number of different options when it comes to familiarizing yourself with the latest trends in fashion jewelry. Whether you are interested in complimenting your new wardrobe with fashion jewelry or if you just want to experiment with it, you have a number of fashion jewelry research methods at your...

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Building a Jewelry Wardrobe: A Woman’s Guide to Seven Jewelry Must-Haves

Just as every woman needs a pair—or twenty—of jeans, a few pairs of black shoes (at the very least: ballet flats, thongs, kitten heels and stilettos), a cocktail dress, a few basic skirts, a chic business suit, a cardigan sweater…I could go on but you get my point. Just as every woman needs these fashion staples, she needs a few jewelry basics—seven actually—with which to accessorize her outfits. Like a custom paint job on a sleek Harley, accessories personalize your style and tell the world that you care enough to go the extra mile for appearance’s sake. And we all know that appearance counts. Within the first three seconds of taking you in, people make judgments about you that you usually cannot reverse. So why not make a good first impression with a look that is polished, put together, and says that you pay attention to style and detail? Still with me? Good. Here are seven jewelry staples no well-dressed woman should be without. Choose any one of them to accessorize in a snap, and to ensure that snap judgments made about you reflect who you really are. Diamond studs Anyone can pull off this classic accessory. Diamond studs are elegant, timeless and simple enough to be worn with other jewelry and any style of hair or dress. Look for clear, sparkling gems with at least ½ carat total weight, set in white gold or platinum (not yellow gold) to show off their colorlessness. As for shape, round studs will always be in style, but princess cut styles are popular—and classic too. Look for screw backs to help ensure that you won’t lose your investment, and make sure the setting is secure (I prefer four prongs to three). Be warned that quality diamond studs can be pricey. Blue has a beautiful pair of ½ carat tw diamond studs with screw backs for $600; Tiffany & Co. sells a beautiful pair of .22 total carat weight diamonds set it platinum for $875. Can’t afford these beauties? My sparkly CZ look-alikes get the job done, and cost under $40. And I don’t have to worry about losing—or insuring them. Pearl studs Like diamond studs, pearl studs can be worn with every style of dress, and with all types of jewelry. Unlike diamond studs, pearl studs are surprisingly affordable, especially when you choose freshwater pearls, which today can rival the beauty of their saltwater cousins. Look for round white gems that are well-matched; these are classics and won’t go out of style. Beware of purchasing button-shaped (flattened) pearls when you think you’re getting round. Choose a back that is comfortable, secure and comprised of a metal your skin can tolerate, such as white gold, yellow gold or platinum. When wearing pearls, keep in mind that the gems are typically associated with a demure, ladylike reputation, so they’re perfect for a job interview, wedding or other formal setting. Of course, classic pearls are perfect for daytime and casual events as well, and give the wearer a timeless, feminine look that is very polished. When buying pearl studs, choose akoya cultured pearls or their far more affordable freshwater counterparts, which are just as beautiful. For the best look, choose pearls that are 6mm or greater in size. JR Dunn sells Mikimoto akoya cultured pearls in 6mm round white for $340; sells round white freshwater cultured pearls in 7mm for $38. Dangle earrings I love dangles for their drama, and because their typical hook backs make them easy to get on and off. But many dangles aren’t for everyday; they’ll look out of place with shorts and a tank, for example. If you’re going a bit more formal, though, you have many options with this earring style. Keep in mind that if you want your dangle earrings to become a jewelry staple, look for a classic, elegant design in a neutral color, such as an all metal style or one that ends in a cultured pearl, for example. For your staple piece, don’t choose anything trendy or cute; steer clear of hearts, stars, zodiac signs and skulls. (If you want to go trendy that’s fine, just buy something inexpensive.) As for what to choose, I prefer a dangle that hangs an inch or two below the earlobe to really make a statement. White gold and yellow gold bars, chains or chandeliers are timeless favorites. Of course, hairstyle and wardrobe will play a role here too. If your hair is very long you can get away with more dramatic—and longer—styles. Remember, though, if you wear a dramatic earring it’s best to skip the necklace and let the earrings speak for themselves. Silver or gold hoop earrings Several styles of hoop earrings can be considered jewelry staples, from small diamond-encrusted loops to gargantuan, J.Lo-style hoops. It all depends on what you like, so choose hoops that fit your personality. Keep in mind, though, that oversize hoops can overpower short hair, an updo, or a face with small features, so take in the overall picture before you step out. Small gold, silver, diamond, pearl or CZ hoops go with everything and are always in style. Look for hoop earrings with a back that’s easy to fasten and won’t readily bend or fall out. And don’t wear gigantic hoops to a job interview or other professional setting, unless you work at Vogue. Diamond solitaire pendant There’s not enough room here to write about the five Cs of diamond quality, but, if you’re interested, there are a ton of sites out there where you can read about how to choose a diamond. As for the pendant, a single bezel set diamond on a white gold chain looks amazing, crisp and classic. Choose an 18-inch length with a secure clasp (I prefer lobster claw here) and make sure the chain is sturdy, yet thin and unobtrusive. It’s the diamond that you want to showcase here, not the chain. As with studs, you can get a gorgeous solitaire pendant made...

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