Jewelry Making: A Fun Hobby

Jewelry Making: A Fun Hobby

You are on the lookout for a new hobby, and you would prefer it to have something to do with arts and crafts. You like wearing jewelry, so the thought occurred to you that jewelry making would be a fun hobby.

About Jewelry Making

The fun thing about jewelry making is that it can be as simple as or as decorative in design as you want it to be. Jewelry making can also be as easy or as challenging as you want it to be, depending on what kinds of jewelry you would like to make.

If you have younger children and are looking for a hobby that you can share with them, you will find that jewelry making can be something that you can do together. Avoid making jewelry pins because of the sharp pins. Rather, make bead necklaces or bracelets with them.

For this kind of jewelry making, take your children to a craft store and have them select what kinds of beads they want. The other tow things your will need is string material to put the bead on, and fasteners. Have the children put the beads through the string material, and you finish the project for them by putting on the fasteners.

If you live near the ocean, a wonderfully unique kind of jewelry making you can try is necklaces or bracelets made out of seashells. For this project, gather several shells of any kind that you would like to use.

Thoroughly wash them in hot water, and, using a sufficiently sharp cutting tool of your choice, make jagged pieces. Next, poke holes in the center of each shell and pull the necessary string material through it. Lastly, add fasteners for a finished piece.

Of course, necklaces and bracelets are not the only things you can make. You can also make earring and rings, if you have the proper material. Material usually includes such things as hot glue, and decorations, of which stones (if polished and smoothed beforehand) can be used.

For more ideas on what to make, consult various jewelry making books, as they have directions. You can also search the internet for a variety of different websites on the topic. Remember, your piece of jewelry might not always turn out just the way that you wanted it to, but with the proper practice, you are sure to be able to make beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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